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Are You 'On the Fence'
About Getting a Vasectomy?

Estimates state that about 600,000 men get a vasectomy in the USA each year.

There is no estimate about how many guys are "on the fence" about whether or not to go through with getting snipped. I bet it's a ridiculously high number, maybe in the millions.

I too was "on the fence" for well over a year and during that time my wife got pregnant with our third. Upon hearing this news I leapt "off the fence" very quickly, called my urologist and went and got snipped.

Most guys are not well educated in Vasectomy 101. Plain and simple.

And, as a result the fence is packed with guys teetering from one edge to the other. One moment they swear they're ready to do it and the next they are cowering in a corner.

The problem with this is that as time passes this behavior inevitably effects the marriage. Your wife may want you to have it done but your indecision and confusion about the procedure leaves you stuck in a rut, with a storm brewing on the horizon between the two of you.

My advice? Get off the fence and out the rut! Seek out information on the procedure, the pro's and con's. Talk to men and couples who have had this done, and find a good urologist who can give you all the clinical info you need.

If 600,000 guys get this done each year, then you too can join them. Most of the pain is in your head anyway...and just think of the benefits after you get snipped.

If 600,000 Guys a Year Do This So Can You!

"We all need encouragement if only to vasectomize ourselves. I think your purpose deserves praise and your book is of the highest merit. The need to ensure men procreate responsibly is far more civilized than leaving events to the chaos of selfishness, thoughtlessness, and theological roulette."

Philip Hodson Sex Therapist - Fellow of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy  

Eradicate Pregnancy Fears and
Get All the Stress Free Sex You Can Handle!

No more pregnancy fears and all the stress free sex you can physically handle! Not a bad deal for forty minutes on a table, a low co-pay, and 2 days on couch with your remote tethered to your hand.

If you are like most people, you have probably not had sex when both parties were completely worry free. Besides those times you might have been trying to get pregnant (and that can be stressful) the rest of your life your wife (and you) has probably been stressed about getting pregnant, remembering to use birth control, and concerned about possible side effects.

All this stress restricts inhibitions and even diminishes the desire to have sex.

Discover How to Jumpstart Your Sex Life!

"Real Men Get Snipped! Touches on something I see over and over again in my practice, a lack of education that equals a lack of sex in couples with children. There is an epidemic in our culture that no one is talking about sexless marriage as a result of fear of pregnancy. Hunter's book looks at this subject in a lighthearted way and gives couples the facts about vasectomy that everyone should know."

Jaiya, Sexual Wellness Expert and co-author of Red Hot Touch: A Head to Toe Handbook for Mind-Blowing Orgasms. Top rated internet radio host, "Sex with Jaiya"


Rob Hunter

With three wonderful children, though terrified of a fourth pregnancy, my wife "closed up shop" until further notice. Admittedly nervous about getting "snipped", I embarked on a personal find out as much information about the vasectomy procedure as possible.

Along the way I discovered something truly frightening and of epidemic proportions with married couples......most men are absolutely, overwhelmingly, one-hundred-percent, clueless and misinformed about what a vasectomy does and does not do, and many women are tired of having pregnancy scares, and relying on and suffering side effects from antiquated and modern birth control methods.

Since the internet contained a glut of scattered information on vasectomies and there was nothing I could find in print that addressed the procedure from a typical married "guy next door" point of view, I decided to do some research like...

posting vasectomy surveys online and collecting and analyzing results
interviewing MD's, PhD's, and noted sex therapists
finding men and women to tell their "Snip Stories"
reporting, evaluating, analyzing, writing, and editing information

All this to get snipped and create the first ever

Are you suffering from VPS?
( Vasectomy Panic Syndrome )

"Are you thinking about a vasectomy or is someone you love (your wife) suggesting you should be thinking about it? You will get credible answers to your questions and find answers to questions you haven't even considered in Rob Hunter's excellent, engaging, and very readable book, Real Men Get Snipped! I think your book is terrific! It clears up the nonsense and misconceptions about vasectomies."

Joel Block, PhD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Einstein College of Medicine and author of Sex Comes First and The Art of the Quickie.


Now You Can Erase Your Vasectomy Fears!

I am not an MD who performs vasectomies, I am an expert in the psychology of what races through the minds of men in regard to this elective procedure for I have been there, and it is not a fun place.

As AMERICA'S VASECTOMY COACH, I hope this book enlightens, educates, and entertains you enough to put aside your irrational vasectomy fears and join the revolution to finally GET SNIPPED! - Rob Hunter

Getting Snipped Can Be the Ultimate Gift
"I think it's very good Rob, that you decided to have a vasectomy unlike the many hundreds of thousands of men out there who decided their wives should have their tubes tied. Most guys want their wives to have their tubes tied but it's so much easier for them to just get snipped like Rob Hunter says in his incredible book, Real Men Get Snipped!"

Judith Regan: Publisher and host of The Judith Regan Show on Sirius Satellite Radio
Tired of dealing with a ton of side effects from birth control?

Imagine no more worries about birth control. No more remembering to take the pill and no more expense!

Guys: Imagine eliminating the worry your wife has about becoming pregnant or preventing her from having to go through a surgical procedure. Stepping up to the plate for your wife is a tremendous gift.

Easy, Fun, and Informative...
A Rewarding Adventure to Be Shared
With Your Spouse

"I commend Rob Hunter for having written a book in plain, simple everyday language on a subject that remains taboo for many. His humorous anecdotes, amusing vignettes, and interesting trivia serve to provide education on the subject, dispel myths regarding the side effects, complications, costs, and illuminate the reader as to the many potential benefits of having the procedure done."

Eric K. Seaman, MD NJ Urology Group

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"Real Men Get Snipped! is a comprehensive resource and go-to guide for men (and their partners) who are considering a vasectomy. As a sex therapist I see many men and couples in my practice who have questions about the procedure, and concerns about the possible consequences about having a vasectomy. This book is informative and fun to read! If you or your partner, are considering a vasectomy, I recommend you read this book!"

Lori Buckley, PsyD. Private practice Radio Host, On the Minds of Men

Recommended by some of the top sex experts in the world, 'Real Men Get Snipped' is an exciting journey through the education of vasectomy. You will discover exactly what a vasectomy is and what it can do for you or your husband and your sex life!

Rob Hunter dispels the myths and enlightens us all about a subject that has been ignored forever. You will learn the wonderful personal benefits of getting snipped and the rewards of this responsible action.
You are going to get the book everyone is talking about that also includes :
Interviews With Snip and Sex Experts
How to Use Your Mind to Have More and Better Sex!
The Testosterone Fueled Snip Flix!
And a Ridiculous Amount of Snip History!


Discover All the Great Things That Can Happen
For You After a Vasectomy!

"Real men DO get snipped and Rob Hunter IS a real man! Read this book with your partner and when you finally stop laughing, go get that vasectomy and start enjoying life (and sex!) more!"

Veronica Monet, ACS Certified Sexologist


The Vasectomy Coach  

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